Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hello there.

Have we been busy, or what?!? Sometimes finding a minute to catch up on blogging, or even 
finding the desire escapes me. For my personal sake, I love keeping up on blogging. But sometimes I just can't bring myself to do it. This is my attempt to bring us back to current.

Dave and I spent a lovely Saturday snowboarding at Solitude. It was my first time going in FOUR years! I felt like I had to learn all over again. It was a little rough at first, but I got the hang of it and we had a great time. Grateful for Dave's patience that day.


We celebrated tons of March birthdays. The most memorable being my nephew Dylan's. He had a minecraft birthday party and everyone was given shirts! These little cousins, such pals :)

Dave and I went to an anti gravity yoga class for the first time and it was so much fun.

Over spring break we took a vacation to Moab and we ran in the Canyonlands half marathon. It was an awesome half marathon. We had a hard time training for this one so we both ran it much slower than our first half. Regardless, it was still lots of fun.We ventured into Arches National Park quite a bit, ate out, and walked main street.

 With my best friend Jessie before our race!
How cute are Chelsea and Lee? They came with us and watched the boys while we ran. To our surprise Trey and Easton had a sign for us when we finished!
 Enjoying a campfire, tinfoil dinners, and s'mores!
What's Moab without a jumping pic???

After being blonde as blonde can be I decided to tone it down a bit and do a melt. Being blonde was fun but it was time for a change.

Easter was too much fun. We went to the Easter egg hunt at Wheeler Farm and it was so cute. We had another Easter egg hunt afterwards with the Dent family. And a nice Easter dinner with the Dekeyzer family. Trey and Easton received clothes, kites, bubbles, stickers, and yes... even some candy.
Awesome picture, right? My sister caught it at the perfect moment.
Trading in our eggs for an Easter bucket!

Dave celebrated his 28th Birthday. The celebration went on forever. We enjoyed a night out to sushi and a movie with friends. A HUGE Birthday party with all of our friends. And a really nice dinner with Dave's family at Tuscany.
Lots of great things have been going on and we've been having lots of fun! My YTT program is almost over and I'm kinda crazy and randomly decided to become a certified indoor cycle instructor as well. As soon as I'm finished with yoga I will jump into that, and then I will hopefully find some classes to instruct! I'm excited/nervous, but I'm mostly excited. Dave and I will be walking for graduation soon and I'm very excited about that. And we are looking forward to consistently warm weather!! Summer, get here soon! There's lots more fun to be had :)

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